As developers we all wants to have bug free codes. The worst nightmare of every developer will be finding out that current changes has breakdown the up and running application. So, as a solution for this, we can follow some good practices to avoid such scenarios. By using a good testing approach will help us to make sure that everything works fine as it is should be.

Basically, testing means that we are checking whether our code is up to meet some expectations. …

VueJS is a reactive javascript framework which is popular among front-end developers. Vue can be used to built large scale single page applications and user interfaces. It is light weight and easy to learn.

Today i’m going to describe some points we should know regarding Instance lifecycle hook of Vuejs.I guess you have the basic idea rearding the instance life cycle of vuejs. If not you can refers to the official Vuejs API guide.

There are mainly 8 life cycle methods as given below.

  1. Before create
  2. Created
  3. Before mount
  4. Mounted
  5. Before update
  6. Updated
  7. Before destroy
  8. Destroyed

This is the…

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